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Header membrane keypads

Membrane keypads

Impulse on contact

The membrane keypad with its tactile action point that passes on the signal to the electronic system can be individually and universally used – in controls and instruments, mechanical engineering, white goods, medical apparatuses, consumer electronics, toys and the automotive industry.

Membrane keypad
Membrane keypad structure

Key differences

Maximum liberty in designing the surface, a closed face with embedded switches, low height (space-saving), easy to install (self-adhesive or with a supporting plate), almost scratch-proof, dust- and water-proof, simple to connect by a contact plug – a membrane keypad combines superior advantages compared to traditional operator panels.

Keypad membranes on printed circuit boards

Alternatively, a keypad membrane may be glued onto a pcb. If it is not fitted with key switches, metal domes are placed on the contact surfaces. A major advantage of this structure is that the pcb can be fitted with LEDs, resistors, etc. on both sides.

Keypad membrane Forster

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