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Signage WU Vienna

Signage and routing systems

We provide information.

Our complete programme of high-performance routing systems ranges from door signs to direction signs to building signs and monument signs. Our object is to ensure that visitors or passengers can easily find their way and quickly get their bearings, because information and communication are prime factors in today’s society.

Our routing systems are found at airports, international trade fairs, health care facilities and universities – internationally coherent, self-explanatory and clear-cut signage made by Forster to help you navigate.

Information steles
Signage geriatric centre

Partner for architects and designers

Your ideas transposed into professional usage.

A wide range of options for customised production from aluminium, acrylic glass or special steel is the hallmark of the Forster Group.

Our full-scale range is rounded off by our individual consulting service and customer-focused thinking. It includes handling of logistics processes and on-site assembly.

Tactile signage

Public areas in particular need to be provided with information for the visually challenged. Under the Federal Act requiring equal treatment for impaired people it is necessary to take suitable action to give handicapped persons equal access to the built environment. From a technical side, tactile signage is available as raised characters or as Braille. Either method can be used on map panels, monument signs, information panels and similar directory signs. Layout plans may be designed as relief plans.

Tangible standard script
Management system university

Our technological competence employed for your benefit

From metal engineering to the processing of plastics to printing and lettering. The vertical integration of our production lines based on state-of-the-art technologies furnishes the foundation for the high quality of our products. More than 60 years of experience have accumulated plenty of know-how and guarantee superior manufacturing quality and low maintenance requirements for our products.

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