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Housing parts, plates, punch-out parts

Housing parts

Aluminium and steel sheets are punched or laser-cut to produce covers for electronic parts. They can be trimmed at the edges and fitted with assembly aids such as press bolts, sleeves and nuts. Surfaces can be finished by, i.a., powder coating, eloxation or chromating.

Our production programme also includes housing parts and covers made of plastic (vacuum-moulded). Individual designs can be accommodated by the use of decorative film.


Modern punch-out parts

Automatic punching and cutting machines help us produce all sorts of shapes. Cut-outs and folding lines (to indicate where the membrane is to be bent), perforations (as folding lines or to indicate breaks) are feasible. Whether individual items, on sheets or on rolls – we produce to the specifications of our customers. Materials processed by us include synthetics such as EPDM, polyester, polycarbonate as well as high-quality copper and other metal sheeting.


  • Insulating film
  • Screening film
  • Double-sided adhesive dots (to facilitate assembly)
  • Cover film
  • Conductor film (e.g. copper, aluminium, silver)
  • Heat-conducting film

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Andreas Wimmer

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