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Railway Solutions

Train signage

Regardless of whether trains or individual cars are branded or covered all over by signage – train advertising is a powerful brand ambassador. Obviously, the quality of the film and brilliancy of the print are decisive factors. Antigraffiti and antiscratch laminates make sure that the signage remains undamaged and visible for a long time.

pictograms in the interior of the train

Safety in the train

Inside a train, safety is a major concern, right next to its branding. Standard warning notices and information signs help draw the attention of passengers. They point out sources of risks and emergency exits. For further safety, we recommend long-persistent designs, possibly in combination with tactile elements.

Tactile signage – barrier-free through tactile elements

Tactile information signs make for barrier-free access thanks to their haptic elements: they help visually impaired and blind people to safely navigate their surroundings. The signs are fitted with raised or braille letters. In public transport situations, this is particularly helpful for many passengers.

Tactile lettering and Braille "Support for ..."

Reliable full service

High vertical integration and intense project competence among our staff have made Forster into an ideal partner for complex projects. When it comes to train signage, our services include i.a.:

  • Consulting
  • Data processing for pictograms
  • Taking of field measurements
  • Installation

For more details please visit: www.forster.at/werbetechnik/projektkompetenz/

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