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road traffic safety mirror

Road equipment

Road accessories

For greater safety roads and streets need not just traffic control signs but also the requisite accessories:

  • guide posts
  • guide posts with integrated snow poles
  • reflectors for guide posts, snow poles and guard rails
  • bollards
  • traffic safety mirrors
  • mobile road barrier
guide post with integrated snow pole
Road traffic safety mirror which does not steam up or ice over

Traffic safety mirrors for an unobstructed view

Road traffic safety mirrors are crucial in improving road traffic safety. Our programme extends not just to a large range of mirror models but naturally also includes the requisite spares and attachment systems.

Safety mirror which does not steam up or ice over

Compared to customary mirrors set in plastic or aluminium frames, the Forster safety mirror does not steam up or ice over, offering a number of additional benefits: no electricity cost for mirror heating, no need to lay cables – but always a clear mirror image, even at highly exposed locations.

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