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Interior signs

Door signs & directional signs

From straightforward door signs to small direction signs, from escape route signs to fire maps – Combiflex Mero ensures that a uniform sign system is available for all occasions. A range of sign sizes increases flexibility of the signage.

Door sign kitchen
Informatin panel VOEST

Information panels

Information panels for interior use bring clarity to large buildings and describe staff arrangements and competences within the organisation. Each element of the panel can be individually exchanged to reflect changes in the staff or room organisation. Customised colour and size requirements are easily and quickly accommodated.

Adhesive signage and film

Adhesive lettering and film for indoor purposes make for customised orientation. Whether it is unobtrusive adhesive letters or large-scale wrapping in attention-grabbing colours, film is a true all-rounder. Thanks to digital printing, highly detailed signage is easy to reproduce on film.

Another plus: Whenever you need to replace the signage, resurfacing with new signage can be done at no time.

Film signage
Marking glass doors and glass surface - ÖNORM B1600

Marking glass doors and glass surfaces – ÖNORM B1600

Adhesive signage and film can be used for marking glass doors and glass surfaces in line with Austrian standard B1600, which meets several purposes at once:

  • standard marking to prevent injuries,
  • signage for rooms,
  • integrating the corporate design.

Hands-on signs

Information in public spaces in particular must be provided in a way accessible to the visually challenged. We offer normal tactile lettering and Braille lettering, for use on map plans, monument signs, information panels and handrails.

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