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Building sign

Outdoor signs

Building signs

Single-letter or logo signs or large panels are ideal to ensure wide visibility for buildings. Our capacities are attuned to meeting virtually all the requirements of your individual corporate design in terms of shape and colour scheme. The high quality standard of our products ensures their long service life. Provided with illumination, your sign will send out a clear message even in the dark of the night.

Company sign
EBSG information panel

Information panels and directional signs

Information panels and directional signs for outdoor use must be designed and constructed so as to send off clear messages on robust materials while maintaining a representative appearance – requirements that are fully met by our Combiflex CF 40 system. Dimensions are incremental in both width and height, and the large range of design options available from us results in a great variety of product variants, all of them with single- and double-faced illumination.

Monument signs

Monument signs are the first representative of your company that visitors meet, signalling vital information and helping them to find their way. Our Combiflex CF 60 system has a practical solution for all your requirements.

For more information on monument signs click here.

internal iluminated monument sign

Tactile lettering – messages that can be touched

Forster supplies tactile lettering for routing systems. In public spaces in particular such systems need to be fitted with tactile lettering. The Austrian Federal Act Governing Equal Treatment for People with Disabilities requires suitable measures to allow disabled people the barrier-free use of services. Accordingly, the signs in public buildings need to be suitably adapted, starting on 31 December 2015 (and in some specific cases involving public buildings prior to 31 December 2019).

Internally illuminated signs (LED)

Internally illuminated advertising signs in LED-technology made by Forster open up a wide range of creative advertising solutions. Whether fitted into a wall system or simply bracketed to a wall – we provide a great variety of installation and fitting options.

Narrow depths, dimensional choice to exactly suit your needs and recyclability are all factors in favour of our product. For frequent motif changes we recommend the versions with folding or clip frames. The illuminated signs are designed for indoor as well as outdoor use and naturally offer all the advantages of an LED light system such as low energy consumption and a long service life.

LED illuminated sign

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