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Safe traffic control from gantries.

The many ways in which gantries and cantilevers can be used make it necessary to ensure that the product is of the highest quality. Made on modern production equipment and by specially skilled workers, the product meets the strictest quality criteria. Additional features such as ascending aids, cable ducts and maintenance catwalks serve to make gantries compliant with a wide range of requirements.

Flexgantry on Gantrybase

Quality down to the smallest detail.

Whether standard model or customised version, we make sure that each variant meets the highest quality criteria:

  • Single beam gantries
  • Double beam gantries
  • Cantilever arms
  • Truss bridges
  • Walk-on or non-accessible

Flexgantry on Gantrybase -
Movement for greater traffic safety.

Forster’s latest gantry product was developed specifically to improve traffic safety. The gantry is a flexible structure attached to a movable concrete barrier at the median strip. A vehicle crash causes the wall to move crosswise, thanks to its articulated A-shape and double pin joints connecting it to the base. There is no need for a conventional foundation at the median strip.

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Installation of a gantry

We are your reliable partner!

We fully support road operators in their efforts to improve traffic safety because it is part of Forster’s mission to ensure that everything works perfectly, all the way from the quotation to installation.

High project competence – great vertical integration

One reason is Forster’s high project competence. From production to the preliminary factory-based assembly of signs to their installation on site. The results of this logistic performance are superior products, all-encompassing services and – naturally – satisfied customers.

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Technical details

Designed in accordance with:

  • EN 10901:2012 – Steel and aluminium components – classification up to EXC 3
  • RVS 05.02.10
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ONR 192500

Contact Austria

Your contacts:

David Heigl

David Heigl

Sales Manager Traffic Engineering

07442 501-242

Thomas Spacil

Thomas Spacil

Sales Manager Traffic Engineering Austria

07442 501-226

Contact International

David Heigl

Sales Manager Traffic Engineering
+43 7442 501-242


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