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Reflecting sticker on the backpacks of school kids

Stickers and labels

Spotlight on your products.

The product as advertising medium and the label as hallmark are a perfect combination to attract attention.

From stickers to bottle labels marked out by special effects to high-quality embossed labels: Forster delivers a large range of options. Screen printing, flexo printing or digital printing – anything goes when it comes to labels. Security prints featuring holograms, barcodes, thermochromic and infrared paints – there are endless varieties available to get your message exactly right.

Rotary screenprinting

Rotary screenprinting – long-lived and UV-resistant tags

In addition to screenprinting, flexoprinting and digital printing, Forster offers rotary screenprinting. Its special advantage is that a thicker layer of dye can be applied. As a result, labels made with this technique are longer-lived and UV-resistant than those printed with traditional methods. The rotary screenprinting method allows including metallic effects or special adhesives for security tags (which self-destruct when removed). In contrast to customary screenprinting, this can be done continuously using the reel-to-reel technique.

As an additional bonus, the option to apply extra-thick (dye) layers provides a scope for tactile prints that makes it possible to trace images, letters or brand logos on the label at the tip of your finger.

Print enhancements

Make your stickers and labels even more attractive and give them the exceptional touch: add a haptic experience through 3D optics by a cast-resin finish, relief printing, foil stamping or finishing the sticker with UV-spot-painting, scratch prints and metal effects.

Sticker with doming
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