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Advertising signs from Bosch in different languages

Large-scale advertising & advertising signs

Large-scale advertising

Large-scale advertising is one of the key tools of outdoor advertising. Large formats are attention-getters, something that is well known to the advert industry. But they can also make a fascinating addition to the building and even integrate a noise screen. It is virtually impossible to ignore them because, whether consciously or subconsciously, they draw the eye at any high-frequency location.

The optimal material for every location.

Depending on the site and turnover frequency, Forster has the suitable printing technique (screen or digital) and mounting base for any conceivable material. Banners, meshing, PVC sheets and self-adhesive film are only a few of the items of our standard programme.

Advertising signs

Advertising signs are a concept as versatile as are the options offered by Forster to implement this miscellany. Light- and weather-resistant designs make it easy to fit them outdoors.
Where attention is to be drawn to a location, conspicuous solutions are needed. We have the know-how to implement customised solutions for tourist operations, businesses and construction sites.

Bio Austria adveritising signs

Plastic-laminated advertising signs

Plastic-coated advertising signs are ideal for long-term outdoor use. The aluminium sign holds the printed element between two plastic layers, which provides excellent protection against environmental exposure. As a key advantage, plastic-laminated advertising signs are available in all shapes and colours.

Construction site signs

One-of-a-kind signs for medium- to long-term outdoor use, made of aluminium sheeting with printed film, with or without a backing of aluminium sections from our standard programme. Alternatively, we offer construction site signs made of polystyrene.

NFC Poster

Smart (NFC) posters

Integrating a near field communication (NFC) chip in a poster enables direct interaction with customers. The technology moreover increases the information span and is easily and intuitively handled. You provide the creativity and we do the production.

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