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POS displays

Displays tailored to your requirements.

Place your emphasis where customers make their decision to buy – at the point of sale. Whether pure metal or plastic structures or combinations thereof, we deliver innovative POS displays. Low-cost small series are no problem. For us, the focus is on tailoring them individually to the needs of our customers because we know exactly how to develop individual solutions from the large range of production options available to us.

Sustainable & clever

Forster displays, 100% made in Austria, are extremely noticeable at the point of sale. Their sophisticated and versatile design makes them an investment that pays.

The displays are extremely long-lived, virtually immune to weather exposure and robust enough to bear heavy loads. Our advertising experts make sure that these features are a bonus in the fast-moving advertising sector.

Floor displays

For a perfect product presentation, it is obviously necessary to match the appearance of a product and reflect its character in the store display. The well-conceived floor displays are made from metal combined with plastics that make them stable as well as pleasing to the eye.

Regardless of whether a display holds leaflets or products, our floor models are known for their special look that does full justice to the product and is sure to attract customers’ attention.

Counter displays

Special products need special modes of presentation in order to draw customers’ attention. Customised counter displays provide clarity and visual awareness, offering an ideal stage for articles that are to be placed in the spotlight of the customers’ visual zone.

Polypropylene displays (PVC-free plastic webbed boards)

PP displays are lightweight boards that, as a further bonus and unlike cardboard, do not soak through when becoming wet – perfect for displays that are located in settings from swimming pools to kiosks and pedestrian zones where they are exposed to adverse (weather) conditions.

Traffic stoppers, A-boards

Catch the eyes of passers-by and get them into the shop by A-boards. Fitted with a folding frame and covers for blackboards or stamped in gold and silver – our range has many options. The sandwich boards are suitable for inside and outdoor use.

LED-illuminated displays

LED-lit displays highlight your products exactly where it counts: at the POS. Whether light boxes or customised displays with focal lights: LED-illuminated displays are bound to excite your customers’ curiosity.

LED folding frame

The LED folding frame is the proper way to make your message shine. Easy to use, the system allows flexibly changing the poster which is smoothly illuminated thanks to the LED technology incorporated in the frame. With a depth of just 20 mm, the frames are suitable for indoor as much as outdoor use and is available as single- or double-sided units.

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Your partner for POS advertising systems

Our project competence has made us the number one partner for advertising systems at the point of sale (POS). Our expertise comprises the full range of services from consulting to installation. 

For more than 40 years we have been delivering customised results, whether single items or serial production runs.

Your great benefit: we are your one-stop partner.

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