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Become an apprentice at Forster

As an internationally operating company with a long established tradition of training apprentices Forster is an attractive employer which offers our apprentices excellent prospects for a successful future.

An exciting job, incentive payment, the option of combining apprenticeship with studying towards a university entrance exam, plenty of opportunities to develop your potential – these are only a few of the benefits that await you. 

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Jobs with a future

Start your successful life career with a future-proof job in a company that puts a premium on sustainability. It is important that your apprenticeship matches you and your talents. We look forward to seeing you at one of our try-out days to learn more about the job of your choice.

We offer the following apprenticeships:

Metal engineering (main module: mechanical engineering)

You are skilled with your hands and have a head for engineering? Then you should consider an apprenticeship in metal engineering with the focus on mechanical engineering. The apprenticeship takes 3.5 years and teaches you drilling, milling, turning and grinding on machine tools, planning and controlling of workflows, maintenance and repair of machines and computer-aided development of CNC programs. The requisite vocational training school is located at Amstetten.

Job requirements: 

  • Good eyes and a sense of proportions
  • Manual dexterity
  • Good grasp of mathematics and engineering principles
  • Ability to work systematically
  • Ability to plan ahead
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Initiative and commitment

Printing (priority on screen printing)

Hands-on work on high-tech machines – this is what you can expect when you take on an apprenticeship as a print technician. You like precision, have a good feeling for colours and a good understanding of engineering. The apprenticeship takes 3.5 years and teaches you, among other skills, how to handle printing tools and machines, prepare the printing process, process data, make screen-printing moulds and control automated screen-printing machines. You also learn the basics of digital printing and flexo printing. The requisite vocational training school is located in St. Pölten.

Job requirements:

  • Colour sense
  • Spatial sense
  • Design skills
  • Technical understanding
  • Careful and accurate work
  • Initiative and commitment
  • Ability to work in a team

Industrial manager traineeship

Personal commitment and a grasp of details are the key skills required for an industrial manager. The apprenticeship takes three years and provides an insight into operational and commercial workflows. It teaches, among others, comprehensive skills in general office organisation, correspondence, procurement, customer and supplier contacts and computer-aided data processing. Positions range from procurement to sales to accounting. The respective vocational training school is located in Waldegg.

Job requirements:

  • Commercial understanding
  • Organisational skills
  • A grasp of mathematics
  • Articulateness in writing
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
[Translate to Englisch:] Lehre Elektrotechnik

Electric engineering (main module: electric and building services engineering)

An apprenticeship in electric engineering (electric and building services engineering) takes 3½ years and teaches the skills required for the installation and startup of electric equipment, preventive and corrective maintenance of building services systems and troubleshooting of electric plants. Works are carried out with due regard to the applicable safety measures, regulations and standards. The vocational training school is at Stockerau.


  • Technical understanding
  • Aptitude
  • Care and precision
  • Capacity for self-contained work
  • Reliability
  • Personal commitment

Metal design (priority on engraving)

An apprenticeship in metal design calls for manual craftsmanship and precision. The apprenticeship takes three years and teaches you all skills required to expertly and accurately handle engravings in a machine-industrial environment such as signs and company plates by programming CNC engraving machines. The requisite vocational training school is located at Neunkirchen.

Job requirements:

  • Good eyes
  • Manual dexterity
  • Technical understanding
  • Accurate work
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Initiative and commitment
Matthias Huber

Apprenticeship in information technology (IT)

The apprenticeship is for a term of four years and teaches the skills needed to develop job specifications for IT solutions; plan, build and maintain IT environments; configure software; set up user net interfaces and database access; and handle security, testing and troubleshooting. The requisite vocational training school is situated at Pöchlarn.


  • Manual dexterity
  • Technical understanding
  • Logic-analytic thinking
  • Meticulous and accurate working
  • Autonomy
  • Personal commitment

    Technical draftsman/woman

    You love precision and teamwork? Then a career as a technical draftsman/woman may fit your talents! The apprenticeship takes 3.5 years and provides you with the skills to produce technical drawings in accordance with standards and using computer-aided drawing and design programs. The correspondent vocational training school is at Neunkirchen (Lower Austria).

    Job requirements:

    • Mathematical and technical understanding
    • Spatial thinking
    • Precise and diligent work
    • Autonomous and reliable work
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Personal commitment

    Your application:

    If you are interested send us your complete application file (letter of application, curriculum vitae including a photo, a copy of your last school report):

    Your contact:

    Hermann Wührer
    Tel.: +43 7442 501-330
    E-mail: personal@forster.at

    We offer try-out days to explore our company and get an introduction to our various traineeships. Contact us for an appointment.

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