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Traffic signs

Signs of the times.

Traffic signs together with their attachments and supports – Forster offers the full range of traffic engineering products from a single source.

Traffic signs
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Eco-friendly manufacturing process

Forster has optimised and innovated its manufacturing process for traffic signs to make their production even quicker and easier on the environment. Forster traffic signs consist essentially of just three components – an aluminium signboard, a digitally imprinted film and a protective laminate.


  • Production pared down to a minimum of resources
  • Solvent-free dyes used for digital printing
  • Tested quality

CE mark: to be on the safe side

The EU regulation laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products requires that, as of 1 January 2013, traffic signs, attachments and supports must be provided with a CE mark. Such products may be marketed only when they comply with Austrian Standard EN 12899. Whether traffic signs have been CE-approved can be easily seen from the labels on their back which, incidentally, also indicate their producer and the film used.

traffic sign ce-mark
traffic sign for building site

Building site and safety programme

Public road repair sites need to put safety first for all traffic participants. Proper safeguards and protection measures as well as straightforward marking as specified in safety standards must be provided at all building sites.

Forster’s range for building sites and safety requirements comprises all systems and products for a properly managed building site:

  • Traffic signs for building sites.
  • Barriers.
  • Signalling equipment (stoplights).
  • Beacons.
  • Site lamps, chaser lights.
  • Cones.

Contact International

David Heigl

Sales Manager Traffic Engineering
+43 7442 501-242


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