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Tunnel signs

Tunnel signs

LED-based tunnel signs

Internally illuminated traffic signs and information signs of the LED type have a crucial advantage: they are less prone to failure.

Whether it is speed limit signs, no-overtaking signs or signs indicating breakdown bays and escape routes – their proper design, making and visibility are crucial to keep traffic flowing or manage rescue operations in tunnel systems.

Clearly specified information.

In order to be prepared for changing traffic conditions, clearly specified information is given.

Forster has two basic types of internally lit tunnel signs in its product programme: projecting signs that indicate traffic or other information and wall-mounted escape route signs.

Benefits at a glance:

  • LED modules fitted with high power LEDs are markedly longer-lived compared to customary fluorescent lamps. To further boost their service life they operate at 30% of the nominal current.
  • maintenance free
  • temperature-resistant silicone clamping profile (250 °C for 60 minutes)
  • protection: IP 65; water pressure: 6 bar; temperature range: -25 °C to +60 °C
  • certified pursuant to EN 12899-1:2007
  • compliance with structural requirements of RVS 09.01.23

LED rounds

Designed specifically for use in tunnels, this low-maintenance modular system is made up of a housing, cover, electronic system and fully tested optical system.

The rounds have an LED display system typically consisting of low-maintenance boards with individual selection of LEDs or LED cascade control.


A fully functional and well-designed sign system for tunnels comprises more than just illuminated signs and rounds. In our capacity of manufacturers of traffic engineering products we therefore also supply non-illuminated and static signs as well as gantries:

  • gantries fitted with variable message signs (LED-/prism-based)
  • escape route sign (reflecting)
  • emergency call sign (reflecting)
  • information signs showing the tunnel’s name (at the tunnel entrance)
Gantry tunnel

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