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Escape route sign

Danger signs, Information signs, Caution signs

Statutory regulations and standards

It is impossible to exclude every risk in life but certainly possible to minimise risks in a working environment by ensuring that proper signs are fitted in accordance with the requisite standards.

Danger signs, information signs and caution signs must be provided wherever individuals need to be warned of dangerous situations, or their attention drawn to important information. Statutory requirements and standards define which signs need to be attached at which locations.

Prohibitory sign
Caution sign
  • Prohibitory signs
  • Mandatory signs
  • Warning signs
  • Safety information signs (escape sign luminaires)
  • Fire safety signs
  • Test badges
  • Electricity warning signs
  • Hunting and forest signs
  • Door stickers
  • Security labelling

Long-persistence security systems

Long-persistence systems that illuminate escape routes long after the light has gone out help people find their escape route. With a minimum luminance of 260 mcd/m² after a decay time of ten minutes our products offer a high degree of quality. The system suffices to illuminate the main features of the surrounding and clearly mark the escape route to be taken.

Long-persistence sign
Danger sign

Product range

Forster has a large range of danger signs, information signs and caution signs:

  • self-adhesive signs
  • reflective signs
  • noctilucent signs
  • aluminium signs
  • plastic signs
  • magnetic signs
  • flag-type and angular signs


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