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FOREG® Shelving Systems

Everything in perfect order.

Space is always at a premium. When planning its filing and archiving system, a business most of all wants to save on space and use what space it has to the best possible advantage. FOREG® shelving systems offer optimal solutions for the day-to-day requirements in any given storage situation – from small filing cabinets to large-scale archives, museums and libraries. Shelves designed as mobile systems make even better use
of the available space by doubling the storage capacity. 

The use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies guarantees that our shelving systems, whether for libraries, offices, museums and galleries, are always just right and exactly to specifications.

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FOREG® Archive - Archive materials are stored securely.

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FOREG® Library - Knowledge coherently stored.

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FOREG® Office - Save space and you save costs.

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Health Care

FOREG® M│E│D - Space-saving and secure - for hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies.

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FOREG® Museum - Our heritage properly safeguarded.

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Shop furnishing

Merchandising made functional.

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