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Noise breaker

Noise Breaker

Low and "close-to-track" barrier system

Noise Breaker is an innovative "close-to-the-track" noise protection system consisting of highly absorbing aluminium elements and a concrete base. The low and space-saving construction allows the barrier to be installed right next to railway tracks, thus absorbing the noise close at its source. The system offers further benefits: Rail passengers have an unobstructed view of the scenery, and access for emergency crews is quick and easy. The barrier is flexible and easy to maintain.

close-to-track noise control barrier

The Noise Breaker system has been studied and tested along analytical and empirical lines, with due regard to its permissible static and dynamic loads.


  • Noise is absorbed as close to the source as possible
  • High efficiency
  • Preserves open view for passengers
  • Low space requirements
  • Easy logistics for upgrades
  • Solutions for central barriers - between tracks - available
  • Easy access for emergency- and rescue teams


The Noise Breaker consists of a self-supporting concrete block with an integrated cable duct and highly absorbing aluminium noise protection elements which are inserted into appropriately dimensioned steel supports.

The system does not affect security zones nor track drainage. Articulated interlocking joints allow it to be installed along straight as well as curved tracks.

Performance close-to-track noise control barrier


Installation right next to the track reduces noise emission directly at source – where wheel contacts rail, as evidenced by field tests made to investigate noise properties and measure dynamic loads that occur when a train passes.


Noise Breaker excels by the installation flexibility it offers thanks to low space requirements and simple logistics. The system needs no additional foundation works – it is placed directly on a level underground, and it has been developed with particular regard to allowing easy access for track maintenance works (such as trackbed work, packing and tamping).

A hassle-free environment for maintenance work at the railway tracks has of course been considered during development of the solution.


  • Setting of the concrete base
  • Installation of the posts
  • To gravel with broken stones
Installation low noise control barrier


Lärmschutz an der vielbefahrenen Autobahn A1 im Abschnitt Ansfelden bei Linz

A1 near Ansfelden

A noise barrier for one of the noisiest motorway sections in Austria

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