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Company newsletter

Forster Aktuell

The magazine for staff and business partners of the Forster Group.


Forster Aktuell 1/2022 english

Issue 2/2022

Shelves for the Norwegian National Museum ...

  • Sound walls for Canada
  • Modernised coating plant
  • Oberau Tunnel opened
  • Apprenticeships at Forster
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Forster Aktuell 2/2021

Issue 2/2021

Routing system for the new Biology Centre ...

  • Shelves for the Brunswick State Museum
  • Upgrade in production facilities
  • Solutions to draw attention
  • Overall renewal of the Kaisermühlen junction
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Forster Aktuell 01/2021 e

Issue 1/2021

Photovoltaics on the fast lane ...

  • Wieselburg bypass
  • Making of noise barriers
  • Signs for the Venice Architecture Biennale
  • Shelving systems global
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Forster Aktuell 2 2020 in english

Issue 2/2020

Traffic engineering expertise for the Voest Bridge in Linz ...

  • Noise barrier for Ansfelden
  • Sign systems for municipalities
  • POS displays made by Forster
  • Shelving for the ETH library in Zurich
  • Forster and sustainability
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Issue 1/2020

Safe through uncertain times ...

  • The first days after the shutdown
  • Adjustment of production capacities
  • Everyday sales and office life
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Issue 2/2019

Shelves for Luxembourg's biggest library ...

  • Construction site news from Upper Austria
  • Shelving for Swiss archives
  • New printing processes
  • A school for colour routing systems
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Issue 1/2019

Fascinating effects in print ...

  • Solutions for more attention
  • A22 - new safety features
  • More space for cultural treasures in Vorarlberg
  • Printed noise control in Germany
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Issue 1/2018

Best practice routing and signage systems...

  • Solutions that grab attention
  • Road section control system for the Wiesbaden interchange
  • Froster archieves in Australia
  • Better noise control for neighbours
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