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Reflecting sticker on the backpacks of school kids

Stickers and labels

Spotlight on your products.

The product as advertising medium and the label as hallmark are a perfect combination to attract attention.

From stickers to bottle labels marked out by special effects to high-quality embossed labels: Forster delivers a large range of options. Screen printing, flexo printing or digital printing – anything goes when it comes to labels. Security prints featuring holograms, barcodes, thermochromic and infrared paints – there are endless varieties available to get your message exactly right.

Roll of Stickers with logos
Reflecting sticker on the backpacks of school kids

Selection of products:

  • Double-faced stickers
  • labels
  • cast resin finishes
  • security prints incorporating holograms
  • continuous prints
  • bar codes
  • thermochrome printing
  • three dimensional advertising
  • Vignettes
  • Print finishing
  • etc.

Print enhancements

Make your stickers and labels even more attractive and give them the exceptional touch: add a haptic experience through 3D optics by a cast-resin finish, relief printing, foil stamping or finishing the sticker with UV-spot-painting, scratch prints and metal effects.

Sticker with doming


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