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Advertising Systems

Solutions that get noticed.

Using a wealth of creativity and expertise and drawing on a large range of metal and plastic products supplied by Forster, we implement your advertising ideas, making your company more visible. In Austria, Forster is a technological leader in many fields and the primary contact for innovative, high-quality solutions.

Our broad array of products ranges from a large variety of adhesive labels to vehicle signage, from large-format advertising signs to merchandising displays.

Reflecting stickers

Stickers and labels

An endless variety of stickers.

read more about: Stickers and labels


Wrappings and decorative elements add optical value.

read more about: Wrappings
Neurosocks POS Display

POS displays

Customised merchandising displays.

read more about: POS displays

Large-scale advertising & advertising signs

Made-to-order advertising solutions – impossible to overlook.

read more about: Large-scale advertising & advertising signs

Railway Solutions

Signage solutions for trains.

read more about: Railway Solutions

Project competence

Partner for agencies, architects and designers.

read more about: Project competence


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Flachbettdrucker beim Druck eines Landschaftsmotives

Compact all-rounder

Digital printing with high visual resolution.

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Bodendisplay Neuro Socks in einem Store

POS Displays

Sustainability for the fast-paced advert industry

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