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Imprinted security and brand protection

New production method: holographic printing

Holograms are known mostly in the form of stickers, whether as individualised holograms or as standard holograms with a prefabricated background motif. An innovative production method now enables individualised holograms to be imprinted directly (e.g. on labels). The new method offers several advantages – from saving one production step to integrating additional security features.

Its great variety of print solutions has made Foster a competent partner for security prints, mostly for brand products, but also for wider applications such as the Austrian motorway tax vignette. The broad range of security prints available from Foster offers options for many applications. Foster has the know-how and versatility for holograms and special prints (with UV features) which need a decoder for decryption as well as VOID technology and special adhesives.

NEW: holographic printing for effective brand protection

Thanks to its innovative production equipment, Forster directly imprints the hologram in a single step rather than printing it separately before fitting it onto the product. The result is high-quality individualised holographic effects that totally comply with customary security standards. The new production method even allows introducing additional security features such as perforations. Individualised holograms can be made in small batch sizes and with extremely short delivery periods for repeat orders.

A tip for manufacturers of branded goods

The method offers effective brand protection by authenticating branded products. With the new production method, the hologram can be printed directly onto the label rather than stuck onto it in a separate step, thereby streamlining the design and production of the label: the hologram or its partial overprinting (e.g. by proprietary colours) is sure to be perfectly positioned. And the innovative production method by itself offers further proofing against forgery.

No further details here …

… because discretion is the mother of brand protection. You want to know more? Werner Weninger will be pleased to respond to your specific questions.

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Imprinted security and brand protection

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