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POS Displays

Sustainability for the fast-paced advert industry

Displays by Forster, made entirely in Austria, excite attention at the point of sale. Thanks to their sophisticated design they are an investment that pays generously over the years. Two examples. 

What is that makes Forster displays sustainable? It is mostly the fact that they can be reused. They are robust in their make and their sides and crowners can be simply replaced. In this way, the display adapts to the product, the season or a new logo. It is a highly effective eye-catcher for many years that keeps renewing its appearance – just what the fast-moving advertising industry needs.

Floor display for NeuroSocks
A recent example is the high-quality display for NeuroSocks, created by Forster from metal and plastic and delivered as an edition of 1000 pieces. The floor display is over two metres high so that its design had to make sure that it would be tilt and
slip-proof. Its stable base consists of a powder-coated plate made of 8-mm sheet steel. The robust upright with five hook rails accommodates 40 blister hooks that accentuate the range of products. The display gets its versatility through the replaceable side panels and header made of three-millimetre recycled plastic. The elements were directly imprinted, profile-cut and heat-formed.

The Forster full-service package covered design, construction and production.

Display for car window cleaners
The floor display for Porsche Media & Creative works its magic where the decision to buy is made: at the point of sale. It consists of a massive modular metal structure. Its eye-catching feature is the side uprights, tilting backwards and powder-coated in signal white. They hold the four adjustable product trays. Price rails and a crowner combine to make the display an individual and versatile attentiongetter in the show rooms.

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