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New: FOREG® Office

Mobile shelving with additional benefits.

Save space and you save costs.
The system offers you a choice: keep your full office space while multiplying your storage space or keep your storage space while extending your office space. Even moving is no problem. Thanks to the modular structure of the system you simply take your shelving with you, extending or, if necessary, reducing it to adapt it to its new environment.

Modern, multifunctional, flexible and adaptable!
Varying requirements and different ambients call for a variety of filing and storage solutions. FOREG® Office has the optimal design for every office and every budget. Several designs and dimensions to choose from make sure that a customised solution will be found.

Increase the feel-good factor in your office.
Well-designed functional furniture facilitates working in an office and increases the feel-good factor for your staff. In this way, FOREG® Office provides the prerequisites for maximum performance.

Reduce the shrill acoustic through mobile shelving.
Let your staff enjoy some peace and tranquility in the office. Use FOREG® Office to reduce the shrill acoustic level of a hard-working crowd. Fitted with fabric-covered acoustic panels, shelving systems will turn into effective noise absorbers. Fabric-covered panels can double as pin boards. And you have a free choice of colours to celebrate your individuality.

Further information: www.forster.at/en/shelving-systems/office/

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