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Dürnstein routing system

Safely navigating through the Wachau valley

Romantic Dürnstein at the banks of the Danube is one of the most popular tourist spots in Austria. The new routing system describes five interesting tours for visitors of the picturesque place.

Ten large uprights featuring overviews of the tours act as starting points. The tours offer something for every taste: from a short introductory tour of Dürnstein to a three-hour discovery trek, the sites in and around Dürnstein are fully covered. At the individual stations, 20 uprights and four boards provided information on interesting details.

Superior quality and stability

For the visually pleasing uprights we developed a frame made of tube sections with a base fitted underneath the pavement. The frame holds the aluminium panel. This is coated with a protective laminate of matte appearance that enhances its look same as the fact that no nuts or bolts are visible. The uprights are unusual in that the routing panels are fitted separately onto the structure. To set themselves apart from the overall structure the panels are distanced from the background and coated with a glossy protective laminate.

Detailed guidance system

A range of guiding elements provides additional information for visitors to prevent them from getting lost. These elements are invisibly fitted to standard tubular posts by welded bolts on the back. They naturally have the same design as the elements on the uprights.

Forster developed the technical side of the routing system. The design was created by socher-mit-e; locational planning was the responsibility of im-plan-tat, a regional planning agency at Krems.

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Dürnstein routing system

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