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Tender loving care for art and culture

The Collection and Research Centre of the Tyrolean State Museums, the archives of the Musée de Tours in France and the Depot Patrimoniaux in Switzerland share several common features: treasured artefacts, valuable paintings – and new shelving systems made by Forster.

Picture: Collection and Research Centre of the Tyrolean State Museums © Franz&Sue / Andreas Buchberger

Museums revolve and evolve around their archives. Consequently they need to devote considerable attention to designing and building up their storage systems. When it comes to optimal protection in combination with easy access for their treasures museum directors ever more frequently opt for Forster.

The treasure house of Tyrol

Tiny moths, rare musical instruments and precious paintings are among the treasures assembled by the Collection and Research Centre of the Tyrolean State Museums. Where previously the Tyrolian state collections and those of the Ferdinandeum Association were housed in eight different locations, a new building offering a total of 14,000 square metres in space is now available to accommodate the exhibits,
workshops and workplaces under a single roof. Of this spatial largesse, the Centre has dedicated some 7,800 square metres as storage space.

The various groups of exhibits each need their own particular storage system. Stuffed animals are stashed in a mobile base with height-adjustable shelves. Smaller items such as jewellery are neatly placed on trays and rocks are cradled in wooden drawers. 

Thanks to the Forster shelving systems, each nook and cranny of the museum can be put to its optimal use. Altogether, 3,000 metres of rails were installed for the mobile FOREG® elements which are flexible to use and famous for their smooth and vibration-free running.

Flexibility for Switzerland

Whether it is suits of armour, clocks, cups, handcarts or supersized paintings: their storage calls for utmost system flexibility at the Depot Patrimoniaux in Geneva. For its mobile and stationary shelves the Depot chose a wide range of different accessories such as drawers and brackets which can be subsequently adapted to different requirements. Forster Archiv- und Verkehrstechnik, our subsidiary in Switzerland, installed altogether 48,000 metres of storage shelves and 6,900 square metres of picture panels at the Depot Patrimoniaux. Large-scale and supersize formats are kept in FOREG® flat file cabinets. 

Space-savers for France

Whether individual paintings or complete collections, archivers of valuable objects are always faced with a great challenge. Thanks to our long experience in designing and constructing archives, Forster has acquired a sound reputation, not least when it comes to archiving paintings. For this reason, the city fathers of Tours at the Loire in France decided in favour of Forster when they combined the archives of three museums. Samodef-Forster, the French subsidiary of the Forster Group, handled the delivery of the 2,300 square metres of retractable and fixed picture panels.

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