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Front membranes for Rosenbauer

Forster quality for the firefighters

© Rosenbauer

Front membranes are a critical part of keypads, a fact that Rosenbauer, the world’s leading manufacturer of firefighting equipment, vehicles and extinguishing systems, is well aware of. Accordingly, Rosenbauer has opted for front membranes made by Forster.

When the Rosenbauer Group developed a new generation of keypads for the cockpit of its fire engines it decided to cooperate with Forster.

Keypads and controls for firefighting vehicles obviously need to meet stringent requirements. They should be robust and scratch-proof, suitable for use in all parts of the world, withstand all weather conditions and bear up to extreme temperatures from –30°C to +65°C, and it should be possible to operate them outdoors and while wearing firefighters’ gloves.

Individualised design of emergency vehicles

The decades of know-how in industrial printing accumulated by Forster convinced Rosenbauer executives. Forster impressed them not just by the quality of execution of its front membranes and the printed button domes, but also by Forster’s ability to produce colour-disappearing effects and diffusion paints which produce homogeneous background lighting of the keypads and highly visible status LEDs.

The front membranes consist of self-adhesive printed polyester film. The pad and windows are punched and the keys can be individually inscribed by insertable symbols to reflect the configuration of the firefighting vehicle.

Meanwhile Forster is producing a range of front membranes for Rosenbauer, among them membranes for a five-key pad and a 15-key pad for the various controls in the vehicles, which are prepared for individual allocation with insertable symbols. Similarly, the front membranes for a 2-key pad, to be used at the vehicle’s outside, is made by Forster: such keypads have many uses, including control of the electric roller shutters, or to extend or retract the supports of the turntable ladder.

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