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Fonocon Silent View*

The noise barrier that offers a clear view.


At the Innotrans 2018 in Berlin, Forster Metallbau Gesellschaft m.b.H. – a pioneer of custom-designed noise screens – presented a novel, transparent and absorbing noise barrier.

This innovative, patented noise screening system combines the benefits of two noise protection systems. It consists of an aluminium frame and a transparent filling that is slanted at an angle of 30 degrees. The highly absorbing part of the element is horizontally aligned which provides weatherproofing on the absorbing side. Incoming noise is reflected across the transparent slanted panels upwards towards the absorber. Tests carried out in accordance with the latest standards, both in situ and in the echo chamber, confirm the absorbent property of the new transparent noise barrier.

The new system can be combined with all of Forster’s standard systems and is fitted flush with the noise barrier panel on the absorption side.
The new noise barrier elements have been tested under direct sound field conditions pursuant to EN 1793-5.

* Please pay attention to the specific note for United Kingdom: In order to avoid any misunderstandings we have named this product in UK „FONOCON type GKE A30-P“. “FONOCON FORSTER NOISE CONTROL”  is a Community Trade Mark registered under Nr 012943619.

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