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Façade design

Large-scale advertising with add-on value

Thanks to the new large-scale adverts along the external façade of its headquarters at Gleisdorf, Jerich offers "major insights" into its new crane terminal that rises to a total height of 16 metres.

A viewing span of up to 22 metres in width and almost 10 metres in height makes the inside visible from afar. Almost 450 square metres of imprinted and laminated 3M film for long-term use and imprinted highly absorbing noise-screening panels make for an impressive scene. Even more spectacular views are available at night because the illumination is pared down to the images, so that viewers get the impression of looking into a vast illuminated hall.

The use of imprinted noise barrier panels of 3 metres in height adds further value and practicality to the wow effect. Without its noise attenuation, the façade would reflect and thus amplify the noise from the road. In order to prevent this, the mandated noise protection measures were integrated in and blended with the façade design.

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