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A1 near Ansfelden

A noise barrier for one of the noisiest motorway sections in Austria

Next to Ansfelden, between the motorway junctions of Linz and Haid, residential areas full of people wanting peace and quiet are aligned against a motorway section that is one of the busiest in Austria, the passage of innumerable cars and a large number of lorries.

There’s a lot of noise on the A1 near Ansfelden: cars, and in particular heavy lorries, barrel down the motorway day and night, right next to residential areas. Neighbours are truly in need of top-performing noise screens. Construction works to provide them with exactly such a barrier were completed last summer. As a result the quality of living has markedly increased for about 9,000 residents of Ansfelden.

Nearness make for efficacy
Construction works involved a section of some 6 kilometres in length on both sides of the motorway as well as on the central reservation. After all, the greater the proximity of barrier and source of the noise the more effective will the screen be.

Colourful glimpses
This section of the motorway features noise-absorbing aluminium panels with covered uprights, combined with transparent segments. The result is a harmonious, design-focused appearance. Dyed plexiglass elements provide a welcome change without blocking the view.

Absorption rather than reflection
The noise barriers at the Ansfelden junction constitute a novelty on Austrian motorways. They are FONOCON Silent View* panels, an innovation introduced by Forster. Other than standard elements made of acrylic glass, they do not just reflect the noise but actually absorb it: when the noise hits the inclined plexiglass it is deflected to the noise absorber.


* Please pay attention to the specific note for United Kingdom: In order to avoid any misunderstandings we have named this product in UK „FONOCON type GKE A30-P“. “FONOCON FORSTER NOISE CONTROL” is a Community Trade Mark registered under Nr 012943619.

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