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Decorative elements panelling

Wrappings & decorative elements

Decorative elements add optical value.

Decorative elements add optical value to objects and turn them into advertising media. Here, digital printing reigns supreme. Whether door leaves or cupboard walls – almost anything can be imprinted and you can give free rein to your imagination. Made of self-adhesive vinyl or magnetic film, decorative elements are ideal cover materials. Profile-cut or inked advertising media round off our product programme.

Refrigerator decorativ film
Decorative elements desk Coca Cola

Spectrum of decorative elements:

  • door leaves
  • cupboard walls
  • catering industry (e.g. fridge)
  • vending machine
  • etc.

Office shelving decorated with your favourite design

The segment also offers interesting spin-offs for our shelving systems. If you want to give a very personal touch to your FOREG® shelving system choose your very own design or photograph to be digitally imprinted on the shelf!

Forster office shelving

Non-slip floor film

Floor film fitted with protective non-slip laminate is suited for practically all smooth floor surfaces which would otherwise be a wasted opportunity for advertising. A special adhesive helps position the film and remove it without any residues.

Lettering and shop-window advertising

Adhesive lettering and sheeting attract attention exactly where you want it. Because we have film material that fits all your requirements. Whether it is intended for short- or long-term use, for indoor or open-air application – our allrounders are equal to all challenges.

Film can be easily attached to almost every substrate. Frequently the film is almost impossible to spot. Replacing the lettering is quick and easy. Film is also highly suitable for shop-window advertising, and can be supplied opaque or transparent.


Quick and easy installation

Hygienic partitions for dm drogerie markt GmbH and Sparkasse Niederösterreich Mitte West AG.

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