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Fleet signage

Vehicle signage

Outdoor advertising

Signage for vehicles has become indispensable – after all, what would a company fleet be without a company logo? Film for short- or long-term outdoor use, as simple lettering or full-scale cover of vehicles – this is advertising that hits the target group right on the spot.

Airplane signage
Car signage

We offer signage for:

  • Passenger cars and trucks
  • Railways
  • Aircraft

Car signage

We provide vehicle signage in the form of adhesive or printed film, in any size, shape or quantity you require. Ideal when you have a distinctive design for your fleet and you use your vehicles as advertising space – targeted and spot-on. In addition to printing on conventional film, we supply PVC-free film as well. Regardless of which option you choose, the colours are always on a solvent-free basis.

Vehicle signage
Train signage

Railway advertising

Screen- or digitally-imprinted film, plotter-cut and suitable for long-term outdoor use. Provided with antigraffiti and antiscratching laminate.

Vehicle signage for use as tactile aid.

This special type of vehicle signage finds widespread use in the public space. Industrial applications, such as tactile aid for the visually impaired placed as a sandwich film in fluorescent colours.

Airplane signage

We have lift-off: only a few companies are authorised to make airplane signage because the film needs to withstand the extreme weather conditions prevailing at high altitudes. Success requires superior product quality and skilled workmanship.

Airplane advertisement
Heavy-duty vehicle signage

Heavy-duty vehicle signage

For tarpaulin vehicles and fixed superstructures, from individual pieces to large series, reflecting with contour marking and exchangeable foils – with full promotional speed ahead.


Quick and easy installation

Hygienic partitions for dm drogerie markt GmbH and Sparkasse Niederösterreich Mitte West AG.

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