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Facade labelling Möbel Ludwig

Outdoor advertising

Not to be ignored

Posters and large-scale adverts are typical representatives of outdoor advertising. Hoardings offer a large reach and inexorably draw the attention of passers-by. It is impossible not to notice outdoor advertising and it offers a repetitive and thus memory-enhancing experience. Make these advantages your own!

Outdoor advertising Pylon with snow covered mountains in the back
Firm labeling Schösswender

The optimal material for every location.

Depending on the site and turnover frequency, Forster has the suitable printing technique (screen or digital) and mounting base for any conceivable material. Banners, poster paper, flag fabrics, meshing, PVC sheets and self-adhesive film are only a few of the items of our standard programme.

Outdoor advertising is a wide field:

  • spanning posters
  • banners
  • smart poster
  • large-scale adverts
  • monument signs
  • building signs
  • citylights
  • etc.
outdoor advertising, stele made out of glas
Facade labelling with imprinted noise absorbing pannels,

Large-scale advertising

Large-scale advertising is one of the key tools of outdoor advertising. Large formats are attention-getters, something that is well known to the advert industry. But they can also make a fascinating addition to the building and even integrate a noise screen. It is virtually impossible to ignore them because, whether consciously or subconsciously, they draw the eye at any high-frequency location.

Smart (NFC) posters

Integrating a near field communication (NFC) chip in a poster enables direct interaction with customers. The technology moreover increases the information span and is easily and intuitively handled. You provide the creativity and we do the production.

Smart poster  ASFINAG


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