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LED folding frame on a shop window of BIPA

Illuminated advertising

Light at its most sparkling.

Internally lit and edge-lit LED advertising signs make your message shine. The advert is applied to the medium by colour display slides or film (translucent or screen/digitally imprinted).

LED-lit sign Zipfer
LED-lit sign Weitzer Parkett

LED-lit signs

Drawing on its large scope of versatile production options, Forster offers engraved and printed 3D effects. A basic sign with exchangeable posters or panels provides for low-cost variations in long-term applications. Another Foster feature product are LED-lit signs characterised by their slimness (10 mm depth) and a wide range of mounting options.

LED folding frame

The LED folding frame is the proper way to make your message shine. Easy to use, the system allows flexibly changing the poster which is smoothly illuminated thanks to the LED technology incorporated in the frame. With a depth of just 20 mm, the frames are suitable for indoor as much as outdoor use and is available as single- or double-sided units.

LED-lit sign folding frame as decorative elements


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